I have come through a long history of image and object making, to abstract expressionism, however I use other genres, depending on the intent. It is however, in abstract expressionism that I am able to work with easy integrity.

I make work with a dedicated conscious intent to express that which is in me, or coming through me, that I could not express or even think of, whilst in a normal everyday “states of being”. It is a pure and spontaneous record of marks revealing the emotional, intellectual and spiritual states of being at the time of the work. I shift gears to get to the safe and familiar place of an altered state, and then I can engage in the process.

The purer one is in the process, the more intelligently the work will speak. I am also interested in the energetic frequency that is carried from artist's hand to the the actual object on which they work, and then I am in process of measuring the energetic force that is given off by the work to the viewer, an ongoing fascinating concept and quest.

I have had a 25 year rich and varied American art life. I have had several one person shows and numerous group shows, and am now back living in South Africa , where I originally went to high school and art college and was fortunate to have had serious mentors such as Walter Battiss, Judith Mason and and Marguerite Stephens. In South Africa I have had a one person show at T. Read's Knysna Fine Art Gallery. My work is collected by corporate and privates in the United States, Europe and South Africa.

I have been involved in the Site Specific land art series in Plettenberg Bay, gathering the local artists to participate, and assisting the team. I created the life drawing classes and facilitated the Vernissage shows in Plettenberg Bay, which have now spread around well.

Myfanwy Bekker is available for commissioned work.
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Myfanwy Bekker is a professional artists based in South Africa

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