"Myfanwy Bekker's has been as consistent and heart-felt as any artist I have ever known. In the twenty four years I have know her, she has continually included observations on her surroundings, her South African heritage and love of nature in every artistic endeavor. She is spontaneous in her application of paint, giving her images a soul - filled with emotion. Her understanding of materials makes it easy for her to translate ideas into paintings or sculptural work that capture the sentiment she wants to convey. She often includes neon in organic configurations that intertwine with clay. Twigs, actual canvas and other structural elements that she has painted, Myfanwy's South African background is ever present in her work. Her love of the country and her upbringing are inescapable trademarks of this wonderful artist."

William Campbell, Art Consultant, USA


" Myfanwy's body of work is a culmination of her creative explorations over many years. Her life's journey is clearly reflected in her innovative and inspirational works exposing a profound sense of femininity as well as the juxtaposition of the influences of her two primary cultures."


" Bekker's diverse artworks capture metamorphically her passion for transcending boundaries and revealing both the strength and fragility of the human condition."

Naomi Nussbaum, Art Consultant, California, USA


" Myfanwe Bekker, the artist, the woman, is a source of light. She uses pencil and paintbrush with more immediacy and ease than most use words to tell the story of their lives. Her art is lyrical and soulful. There is beauty and delight, while also commenting on the severity of the human condition. Myfanwy's experiences of South Africa, Texas, New Mexico and California, the landscape of the earth and the hearts and the minds of each place's inhabitants are all blended in her paintings."

Jill Sablosky, sculptor, Philadelphia, USA

"...(Myfanwy's) private life and artistic creativity are inseparable. Her art is not only her life, her life is also the heart of her art. She 'sees' beyond the visible and translates her 'visions' into diverse contexts and media, expressions that live as sacred dreamscapes, intuitive prayers and parables, reflecting both the shadow and the ideal potential of nature."

Krystyna Jurzykowski, philanthropist, writer, philosopher, Texas and New York, USA


"...her extraordinary versatility in whatever medium she chooses, be it paint, clay, wood or glass projects her ability to meld the cerebral with the emotional and the visual..."

Dr & Mrs E Furman, collectors, USA










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